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April 2016

Increases in Natural and Artificial Brainpower!

We’ve been very productive improving our intelligence engine (‘Aigo’) and development framework. A few months ago, we decided to make several ambitious and wide-ranging enhancements to our system. We are now getting close to the system being back to a state where we can resume evaluating it against real-world data and usage.

While our current focus remains on deep language comprehension validated by question answering, we’ve also made some good progress in conversation ‘management’.

By next month we will have some volunteers provide early (external) testing and feedback to Aigo’s emerging smarts. While we are a long way from human-level general intelligence, we expect several specific capabilities to set new standards in the state-of-the-art.

Making all of this possible is our tremendous (now 11 person) team of AI Psychologists and Software Engineers, who provide the essential natural intelligence.

Here are our newest team-members, who joined us during the past few months. Everyone is now up to speed and very productive: we’re firing on all cylinders…

Dasha Henderer - A.I. Psychologist
Dasha graduated from University of Southern California where she studied theoretical linguistics with an emphasis on psycholinguistics and language acquisition. First mastering English as her second language, and later becoming an ESL teacher, Dasha has always looked for ways to break down complex language systems in order to help people understand and master them. The current wave of ‘talking’ technology renewed Dasha’s interest in language acquisition. What does it really mean to master a language? Can a machine truly learn a language? Does a computer learn the way people do? Dasha is excited to be a part of the AGi3 research team that gets to answer these questions.
Khoa Tran - A.I. Psychologist
Khoa graduated from University of California, Los Angeles where he studied Linguistics and Psychology. During his time at UCLA, Khoa worked with speech pathology laboratories to research the effects of neurological abnormalities on prepubescent children’s speech development. A long time computer enthusiast, he easily combined his hobby and education into working knowledge for AGI. Working with AGI3, Khoa plans to explore the boundaries of human developed intelligence and the implications of a conscious machine. In addition to making AGI smarter, Khoa also enjoys cooking, eating, and practicing various martial arts.
Edward Nguyen - A.I. Psychologist
A graduate from UCLA in French and Linguistics, Edward spent his undergraduate career helping research the role of phonetic cues in the parsing of word boundaries and is currently preparing an experiment on metrically-conditioned allomorphy. He hopes to use his experience with linguistics to shine a light on the mechanics behind language processing alongside his new teammates at AGI3. When not pondering some of language's bigger mysteries, Edward can usually be found babbling in a language he's recently picked up and enjoying Netflix's finer programming.
Elias Coston - A.I. Psychologist
Eli Coston graduated from Reed College where he studied cognitive psychology. As a senior, he studied the brain’s ability to integrate auditory and visual information. Between graduating and joining AGI, he worked in a mental health center, studied mathematics, and did an internship in the NYU psychology department. He has always enjoyed thinking about how we, as humans, fit into the bigger picture. He sees his new opportunity at AGI3 as a great way to keep asking that question, and he’s very excited to contribute to the team.
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