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November 2015
Company Unicorn Training, Open Intern Position, and New Brainpower!

AGI Innovations team practicing unicorn behavior.

AGi3 is looking for an intern! We currently have an open A.I Intern position. The internship is a fulltime position which will last a minimum of 12 weeks. For more information about this opportunity or to apply, please click here. Please note this is not a software engineering internship.

We are excited to welcome our two newest team members, Maxwell Gagnon and Brad Yinger. We have already seen great things from both of them, and look forward to transferring parts of their brains to our AGI brain.

Maxwell Gagnon - A.I. Psychologist

Maxwell graduated from Loyola University Chicago where he studied psychology and anthropology. While attending Loyola, Maxwell worked with the Promoting Adjustment in Children through Evaluation (P.A.C.E.) Laboratory where he researched the effects of ‘Kin Connections’ on foster children’s educational success. While working with AGi3, Maxwell plans on using the research and knowledge gained in AI and AGI to shed light on some of psychology and neuroscience’s biggest unanswered questions, like the nature of consciousness and intelligence.
Brad Yinger - Senior Engineer

Brad graduated from Bob Jones University where he studied computer science. He previously worked on the NCover team, providing industry-leading code quality tools for the .NET framework. He has recently rekindled his passion for working on the problem of AGI and is excited about contributing to the field in a meaningful way. He's interested in understanding the principles underlying intelligence and applying that to build a thinking machine. When he's not thinking about artificial intelligence issues, he enjoys riding his bike, dabbling with electronics projects, and eating exotic fruits.

The company is now firing on all cylinders, and we're knee-deep in a major upgrade of our cognitive engine. Our next milestone is another set of comprehension tests in a month or so. Watch this space...

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