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AGI Innovations Inc Newsletter - April 2015

AGI Innovations Inc
August 2015
Job Opening Announcement and Recent Conferences

AGi3 is hiring again! We are actively looking for an excellent Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead, who enjoys thinking like a cognitive scientist, to personally design and develop complex algorithmic code for our 'Brain'. This is a very hands-on engineering position with very few managerial duties. For more details please see the job posting.

We recently attended the AGI 2015 conference in Berlin. Great venue and organization (except for time-keeping). It was very stimulating to meet up with 100+ AGI enthusiasts! There were lots of interesting discussions on practical and philosophical aspects of AGI. What was striking, however, was the general lack of progress on pure AGI technology. Most of the presentations were either esoteric (overly abstract ruminations on AI safety or general computation, etc.) or disappointing in the tiny increment of progress demonstrated. On the plus side, two new strong AGI-focused companies were announced around the conference: GoodAI and nnaisense.

Peter also attended NAACL HLT 2015 (North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics - Human Language Technologies), an NLP conference held in Denver. This was a large conference with over 1000 attendees, and well over 100 presentations. Not surprisingly, deep learning and other big data approaches such as 'Word Vectors' were the talk of the town. Again, it was shocking how slowly NLU (natural language understanding) technology seems to be progressing. I guess a good opportunity for us!

Finally, as far as our own work is concerned: We're making excellent progress on our own NLU functionality as well as on its underlying AGI framework. We should be able to share some early results with you in our next bulletin.

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