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  April 2015

Growth, Conferences, & Call for Senior Engineers.

Our team is growing again! We recently hired a Senior Lead Engineer (see below) to develop code, and also inspire, mentor, and guide our team of engineers.

We will be attending two upcoming conferences, *SEM 2015, a NLP conference, in Denver, Co. and AGI-15 in Berlin, Germany. There should be a lot of interesting people and perspectives there. It will be great to see all you AGI enthusiasts there as well! 

More growth! We are actively looking for a skilled, hands-on senior software engineer to design and develop complex algorithmic code for our 'Brain'. You'll be working closely with AGi-3's founder, who is chief architect, and with our lead engineer. For more details, please see the job posting


New Team Member!

I am thrilled to welcome our newest team member, Dennis Sedov. In three short weeks Dennis has already contributed significantly to our project -- redesigning our knowledge encoding system, while also bringing several innovative ideas to our overall approach. He has become a well-liked core team member in record time -- Peter Voss


Dennis Sedov – Lead Engineer

Born in Moscow, Russia, Dennis was raised among classic science fiction books, including the one very special book – “The Turing Option” by H. Harrison and M. Minsky. Captivated by the plot and the protagonist, at the age of 13 he became involved with studying programming on his own. In a couple of years he and his family moved to Santa Barbara, USA, where his new passion, i.e., visual effects, took over his life for a period of ten years. Later he received a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Moscow and founded a successful company that has become a bridge between American and Russian VFX markets. However, the idea of creating artificial general intelligence never truly left him, so he got back to square one. After studying basic principles of psychology and neuroscience on his own and consequently revising his approach to AI theory, Dennis took action and commenced a new search to fulfill his old dream. That search has lead him to AGi3 where he hopes to apply all his experience in programming and development as a Senior Software Engineer. Dennis is genuinely happy to be a part of AGi3 dream team and believes that together they will quicken the inevitable advent of AGI.

"It’s fascinating how long one can wander around throughout their life in search for something they don’t even know just until the moment they find it. For me this “something” was AGi3." -Dennis-

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