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  February 2015
Retreat, Funding, and call for a Lead Senior Engineer.

We recently embarked on a two-day retreat to review last year's progress, brainstorm technical issues, and re-evaluate our roadmap and priorities. For the past two years our focus has been mainly on NLP, and we have made excellent progress towards achieving state-of-the-art language processing and understanding capabilities. While we will continue efforts in this area, we have also concluded that we are now ready to start implementing and integrating various perception and action mechanisms -- providing our 'brain' with some access to, and control over the (virtual) world.

We are excited to announce that AGI Innovations has recently secured 4 million in funding.  If you missed the press release,  check it out here! 

AGi3 is ready to grow again! We are now actively looking for a lead engineer to personally design and develop 'brain' code -- as well as inspire, mentor, and guide our team of engineers. This is a very hands-on engineering position with very few managerial duties. For more details, please see the  job posting. 
AGi3 Team on a nature hike during the 2015 Retreat
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