AGi Innovations Newsletter - March 2014

We are growing and progressing!
With Samantha Walters and Matt Kruse recently joining our team of AI psychologists and programmers we are now up to 8 staff members,  6 of them full-time.   In addition, I am now finally spending almost all of my time on the project, both in design and programming.  While we are not actively looking for additional  people right now, we will consider applications from particularly smart, knowledgeable, and motivated AGI enthusiasts (see careers page ).
Last year we largely finished reengineering and upgrading our development framework from our AGI R&D efforts, which were put on hold six years ago during commercialization of SmartAction.  Since then we have focused on developing more extensive knowledge representation and natural language (NL) capabilities.
Our near-term goal is to complete our first integrated test prototype by Q3 this year.  We expect this to demonstrate new state-of-the-art, non-statistical NL question answering and learning capabilities, including limited temporal and spatial reasoning.
While our long-term ambitions remain achieving human-level cognitive abilities, our medium-term (2 to 3 year) efforts are aimed at developing a comprehensive NL-based knowledge (and skill) encoding system that supports sophisticated learning and (abstract) reasoning systems.  Key attributes include: Natural language understanding,  contextual interactive operation, life-long learning, and the ability to handle fuzzy, incomplete, and contradictory information with limited resources. 
AGI Conference September 2014
We are co-producing a one-day AGI conference in Piedmont (East Bay, CA) on September 20th, 2014. Artificial Intelligence and The Singularity. I plan to cover such topics as "What is the best AGI approach?", "How soon, and how smart?", "How risky is AGI?", and want to feature a number of well-moderated panels debating differing opinions.  We are still finalizing details and are seeking additional speakers.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.
New Team Members!
Samantha Walters
A.I. Psychologist
Samantha graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Cognitive Science. Previously she worked in a perceptual research laboratory mostly on projects involving the perceptual phenomenon synesthesia, and also worked in an animal cognition lab assisting with sea lion behavioral research. Samantha is interested in how people learn about their environment and are able to generalize from past actions and associated outcomes, and how they use that knowledge to respond to novel situations. She saw this as an ideal opportunity to get involved in related research, specifically with AGI.
Matt Kruse
Software Engineer
Matt is a graduate from the University of Northern Iowa where he studied computer science. Previously Matt worked as a developer for a start-up company while pursuing his passion for AGI. When asked about AGi3 Matt said, “It's an honor to be a part of one of the very few teams striving to create real AGI. My passion for AGI came to me naturally at a young age. I can't think of anything more exciting and challenging than to use my intelligence to create intelligence greater than our own. The possibilities are endless once we achieve this goal. Outside of my passion, I enjoy creating digital art, music, and enjoying the outdoors.” 
All of us here at AGi Innovations Inc are excited to have Samantha and Matt joining our team and know that their knowledge, skills, and experience will be amongst our most valuable assets. 
Towards Increased Intelligence,
AGi Innovations Inc, Los Angeles, California.