Launching a New Artificial General Intelligence R&D Company: AGI Inc.

Seeking Core Team Members

I'm pleased to announce that Adaptive A.I. Inc & Smart Action Company are spawning a new R&D venture focusing on long-term AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). The new company, AGI Inc., is well funded for several years of significant, focused research and development without being distracted by short-term commercial considerations.

We have ambitious long-term goals for producing ground-breaking AGI technology. Our work is based on more than 6 years of previous R&D, which provided the basis for our commercial product. For the past year we've been doing some good preparatory AGI research work with a small team of people, and it's hard, intense, but a lot of fun. At the bottom are some quotes from the team...

So now we're ready to gear up our efforts!

Right now we are looking for one or more programmers with the following attributes:

  • A passion for AGI... BUT, not wanting to run your own R&D show. We already have a platform, plan, and direction, even while welcoming new ideas
  • Super smart, but self-motivated and stable :)
  • Strong OO programming skills (No religious objections to C# .Net)
  • Be able to think like a cognitive psychologist, not just a programmer
  • Good English and grammar/language skills
  • Specific AI experience a plus, but not essential
  • Able and willing to live and work in Los Angeles (Sorry, we can't sponsor you)

Remuneration negotiable, depending on experience.

Send resumes to:

Peter Voss
Founder & CEO

Quotes from the team:

"There are not many things that beat the feeling of solving a problem that a couple of weeks ago you thought was unsolvable" -- Lucas
"Can't think of anything more stimulating--or important--to do with my life" -- Peter
"Being part of this AGI research project is an amazing opportunity. It offers extremely rewarding, dynamic and exciting days of working on a plethora of unsolved problems in AI. Supported by a very enjoyable, collaborative and passionate environment makes this a very rare, if not, a one of a kind AGI research project." -- Robert